North Korea Claims Military Drills May Cause Thermonuclear War

( – Annual joint military drills between the United States and South Korea have put the Korean peninsula at an increased risk for nuclear war, according to North Korean state-run media.

The statements put 80-year-old President Joe Biden at the helm of an administration that could potentially see two separate but simultaneous nuclear exchanges in Europe and Asia.

Ulchi Freedom Shield, as the exercise is known, includes both kinetic and cyber elements and fields approximately 58,000 South Korean and American troops. The event is host to a combined 30 military and civil defense drills that take place in tandem across South Korea over the course of ten days. A portion of the exercise involves the test-firing of strategic cruise missiles.

The DPRK’s state-controlled news agency said the planned exercises make a nuclear exchange “more than likely.” The outlet said the drills are “unprecedented in scale” and it went on to accuse the United States of incorporating their “space forces” on the peninsula “for the first time in history.”

The North Korean warnings come just days after American, South Korean and Japanese leaders met at Maryland’s Camp David to form a trilateral security agreement. Military and economic cooperation was already in place between the three nations, but the rise of China combined with continued North Korean threats led the allies to announce that they would strengthen their ballistic missile defenses.

Since President Biden assumed office, North Korea has dramatically ramped up both their rhetoric and missile testing. NBC recently reported that since the beginning of 2022, the North has conducted more than 100 weapons tests, many of which involved missiles that were capable of delivering a nuclear payload to the United States.

In a 2022 report, Newsweek acknowledged that North Korean missile tests were “reportedly” at “all-time high” levels. The magazine called the developments a “stark contrast” to the measurable slowdown in launches that unfolded during the administration of President Donald Trump.

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