NFL Legend Has Been Letting Abuse Against Children Slide

( – Though there has been no admission of guilt on his part, NFL legend Joe Namath has been accused of the same thing that was leveled against Joe Paterno – knowingly turning a blind eye to the carnal variety of child abuse. If a court deems the accusations to be true, Namath could be held liable for covering up alleged abuse that happened on his watch over half a century ago.

In 2019, then-60-year-old Philip Lyle Smith filed a lawsuit claiming that he had been repeatedly abused by a documented serial pedophile while attending a football camp founded by Joe Namath in Wilmington, Vermont in 1972. He would have been just 13 years old at the time of the abuse. Smith alleged that the camp’s head coach, Philip Foglietta, had forced him to sleep in his bed and would frequently perform explicit acts in front of him, among other things.

Foglietta was the head coach at the famed Brooklyn Poly Prep Country Club and the private school was the target of an abuse lawsuit in the early 2000s. Though Smith was not involved in that particular suit, the institution eventually settled with plaintiffs out of court in 2012 and wrote a letter of apology and admission to Foglietta’s victims.

Foglietta died in 1998, but the Child Victims Act briefly allowed Smith to file his own suit as a “John Doe.” Two years after it was first filed, Smith amended the suit and named both Joe Namath and famed sports reporter John Dockery as additional defendants.

The now-64-year-old Smith does not allege abuse at their hands, but he does insist that they bear responsibility for allowing it to take place. According to the suit, Foglietta was known to be engaging in abuse during the period, and the camp’s administrators knowingly facilitated it.

Smith claims that Foglietta took advantage of the fact that he was young and starstruck and manipulated him to the extreme, as Namath would throw passes to and eat lunches with him on each day of camp.

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