Newsweek Under Fire for Missing Major Disclosure

( – It was recently revealed that the well-known news publication Newsweek did not clarify that an anti-Donald Trump op-ed was written by two authors who also work for a polling organization whose main founder also happens to be the head of Never Back Down, a GOP super PAC that is largely in favor of Ron DeSantis.

The authors of the op-ed, Byron Allen and Amanda Iovino, used their opportunity to get published in Newsweek to claim that the former president was losing white voters, seemingly injecting key points of the Never Back Down agenda into the op-ed. Ordinarily, this would be no big deal, as it is a matter of opinion. However, Newsweek failed to disclose that Allen and Iovino are both employees of WPA Intelligence, the polling firm affiliated with the anti-Trump super PAC.

Chris Wilson, who founded WPA Intelligence, is also the data director for Never Back Down and also seems to be a key collaborator with Jeff Roe, a key strategist for the super PAC. Both Wilson and Roe also recently released an AI tool supposedly designed to sway would-be Republican primary voters to DeSantis’ side.

Byron Allen has also worked with WPA Intelligence in providing polling for another anti-Trump organization, Club for Growth. In November 2022, Club for Growth published polling that suggested the Florida governor was leading the former president in Iowa by 11% and in New Hampshire by 15%. Such a move also happened to coincide with the widespread effort to push the narrative that Trump’s hold on the Republican Party was rapidly declining.

According to polling done by RealClearPolitics, however, we now know that to not be the case. The RealClearPolitics 2024 Republican nomination polling average has Trump polling solidly with over a majority of would-be GOP primary voters. DeSantis, however, once hailed as the former president’s biggest challenger, has consistently declined from a high point of 31 points in January to a meager 13 points, as of September 14th.

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