New York DA Under Fire for Meltdown During Traffic Stop

( – A New York state district attorney was filmed having a meltdown after a police officer caught her speeding and attempted to write her a ticket. Instead of stopping, taking the ticket, and going about her day, Monroe County DA Sandra Doorley drove home while calling the local police chief to complain about an “a–hole cop” who dared hold her accountable like he would anyone else doing 55 mph in a 35 mph zone.

The release of body cam footage prompted an apology from Doorley after it went viral earning her an inundation of criticism. “What I did was wrong, no excuses,” said Doorley in the video. She explained that her mental health was suffering after having an exceptionally stressful day; however, that did not justify her actions.

She explained that she was working on three murders that happened over the past few days and had received frightening medical news about her husband earlier that day. She apologized and indicated that the police have a hard job which she made more difficult by her behavior.

Doorley took the ticket and pleaded guilty to it on April 25th. NY Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) referred the matter to a state committee tasked with reviewing the behavior of DAs after many suggested she resign over the matter in comments online.

Doorley said that she failed to represent the values she’s held for her entire 33-year career in law enforcement. She added that all officers deserve respect from members of the public while performing their duties. Doorley added that she’s referring the matter to another DA’s office for review.

Doorley admitted that she would discipline any of her employees who acted the way she did and as such she was referring herself for ethics training. She added that she was “humbled” by her mistakes and promised to make things right.

Rochester City Council members unanimously signed and submitted a letter to Attorney General Letitia James’ office requesting an inquiry into the matter.

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