New Vehicles Wreak Havoc on Texas Traffic

( – Software engineers working for Chevrolet are likely being scolded following what Austin locals have said was an abysmal performance of their autonomous Bolt models following a University of Texas sporting event.

The already heavily congested streets surrounding the school’s post-game football stadium were made all the worse when dozens of self-driving taxis appeared to malfunction all at once. Videos of the ensuing traffic jam began popping up on Twitter almost immediately and a number of users deemed the events worthy of a “mayhem” label.

It is unclear what precipitated the initial backup, but footage from the evening shows the Bolts blocking at least two intersections. The street layout of the vehicles seems to suggest that the problem went far beyond a simple navigational error in the lead car’s computer.

Had that been the case, one could probably safely assume the line of vehicles would be stacked neatly on top of one another waiting for the error on the front car to be corrected. That is not the effect seen in the uploaded videos. Bolts pointing north, south, east, and west clog every visible route in all directions.

Autonomous transportation options have been under a hefty amount of fire as of late. California’s Department of Motor Vehicles was behind a recent San Francisco decision to cut its driverless taxi fleet by 50%. The move was instigated by an accident that saw an autonomous cab crash into a fire engine despite the emergency vehicle having both its lights and sirens blaring.

San Francisco has given rise to an anti-driverless vehicle activist group known as Safe Street Rebel. The group’s primary aim is to rid their city of the emerging driverless industry, which they appear to view as overly intrusive and inhuman. Safe Street members discovered not long after the imposition of the tech that they could incapacitate the vehicles by doing nothing more than placing an orange cone on their front hoods.

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