New Resolution May Declare J6 Committee Illegitimate

( – Rep. Eric Burlison (R-MO) has introduced a resolution that would wipe the legitimacy of the January 6th Committee out in one fell swoop. The most interesting part about the resolution is that it wouldn’t require approval in the Senate as the original J6 Committee was exclusively a House affair.

All subpoenas issued by the committee would be rescinded or declared null, meaning that anyone charged or convicted of violating them would have charges dropped and sentences nullified. This includes former Trump administration official and famous podcaster Steve Bannon. Bannon is supposed to report to prison on July 1st to begin a four-month sentence unless Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) brings the resolution to the floor and it passes beforehand.

The resolution currently has 24 co-sponsors, indicating it is popular among the Republican majority. The authors highlight that then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi was tasked with appointing 13 members to the committee; she ultimately chose to seat just nine despite House Resolution 503 requiring 13, including a ranking minority member. The resolution also required Pelosi’s project to consult with a ranking minority member before issuing subpoenas. That never happened, and so the sponsors argue the committee itself, as well as all reports and subpoenas stemming from it, are completely illegitimate.

The committee behaved in violation of the very resolution they passed which established it. Additionally, since all the proceedings were restrained to the House of Representatives, no additional action is required by the Democrat-controlled Senate to pass the resolution. All that is required is for Speaker Johnson to bring the resolution to the floor for a vote.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) urged Johnson to immediately bring the resolution up for consideration as “time is of the essence,” in a post on X. He additionally shared the full text of the resolution.

If passed by the House, the Office of the Speaker would then notify the Department of Justice that all subpoenas issued from the J6 Committee would be rescinded and nullified meaning Bannon and others accused of crimes for refusing to appear would be off the hook.

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