Nebraska Man Stopped for Driving with Bull

( – A Ford Crown Victoria was pulled over by police in Nebraska after they received reports from concerned citizens that the car was being used to transport livestock on the highway. After arriving on the scene, law enforcement with the Norfolk PD discovered a modified vehicle that looked like something from an episode of Looney Tunes.

Sitting shotgun in the passenger seat and protruding out of the car in all directions by several feet was a giant Watusi bull. A portion of the windshield and roof had been removed and a cattle guard was attached to the livestock’s side of the car. Aside from a cattle-themed hood ornament and a severely sagging suspension, the vehicle appeared entirely normal.

After receiving the August 30 dispatch, Captain Chad Reiman told a local outlet that his officers thought they would end up finding something on the order of a small calf snuggling next to the driver. Instead, they found a nearly full-sized black and white bull whose horns alone were as wide as the car it was driving in.

The bovine’s chauffeur, friend, and owner was Neligh resident Lee Meyer. Once pulled over, Meyer informed the officers that his partner’s name was Howdy Doody. A sign on the car seemed to indicate that the vehicle had once been entered into a statewide rodeo parade contest in the “best car” category.

While it remains unclear as to whether Meyer has a criminal record or not, it does not appear that the Nebraska man had any warrants under his name. Although he was cited and ticketed for a number of minor traffic infractions, Meyer was allowed to leave the scene with one stipulation. Officers warned him that both he and Howdy Doody were required to immediately return home.

Mainstream, independent, and social media simultaneously lit up with pictures of and stories about Howdy Doody’s hyperbolic car ride. Watusis can weigh as much as 1,600 pounds.

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