Near-Total Abortion Ban Turns Swing State into Crucial Battleground

( – Already a battleground state for the presidential contest, Arizona is an even more hotly disputed state after the state’s Supreme Court ruled last week that a 164-year-old abortion law can go into effect.

The 1860-vintage law bans the procedure entirely unless it is to save the woman’s life. It also states that anyone who offers drugs or procedures to a pregnant woman that can be used to induce abortion can be prosecuted. The state’s law is essentially the nightmare that pro-abortion advocates have anticipated.

Along with immigration—Arizona shares 378 miles of its border with Mexico and is a hot spot for legal and illegal immigration—abortion is one of the most emotionally charged topics in modern politics. John Anzalone, a pollster who is running polls for the Biden re-election campaign, warned that no one should underestimate the impact of the recent state Supreme Court ruling. “It’s dynamic-changing,” he said.

Democrats are feeling confident since they’ve won almost every election contest that had to do with abortion in recent years. When the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022, the right to regulate abortion went back solely to the states. During the era of Roe, states were not allowed to ban abortion within the first trimester, and states were required to adhere to a federal schedule of restrictions by trimester.

President Joe Biden’s campaign just started an ad campaign across Arizona about the recent abortion decision. But campaign spokesman Kevin Munoz downplayed the party’s interest in the issue, saying abortion was just one issue candidates were facing. He said he thinks other topics would be more important to Arizona voters. “The election is going to be determined” by basic kitchen table issues like being able to afford to raise a family, and having a good job, Munoz claimed.

But the party’s ads certainly seem to treat abortion as a primary concern. In one ad, President Biden said a voter’s body and what she does with it belongs to the voter, “not the government, not Donald Trump.” In his characteristically aggressive style, Biden said he would “fight like hell to get your freedom back.”

Donald Trump recently announced that he will not support a federal abortion ban, preferring to leave it with the states. The Democratic Party’s characterization of Trump as a radical anti-abortion politician does not track with reality.

So far this month, the Trump campaign has not made any ad buys in Arizona.

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