N.Y. Democrat Candidate Received Campaign Donation from Domestic Terrorist

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) is coming under fire for receiving a $1,000 donation to his campaign coffers from a convicted domestic terrorist who was pardoned with his help decades ago. Susan Rosenberg was convicted and sentenced to 58 years in prison after being arrested in possession of automatic weapons and 740 pounds of dynamite.

She admitted to intending to use the weapons and explosives to unleash a campaign of chaos by the female-focused Marxist group the May 19th Communist Organization (M19). She was also accused of planting a bomb at the U.S. Capitol in 1983 targeting Republican senators.

She was additionally charged with bombings at the New York Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association and the U.S. National War College, but those charges were dismissed after a plea deal was formed with other members of the M19 group.

Nadler helped organize a pardon by then-Democratic President Bill Clinton in 2001. Clinton ended up pardoning Rosenberg on his last day in office, cutting her sentence short by 42 years.

Many New York Democrats disagreed with the pardon, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

When informed of Rosenberg’s offenses, including terrorism, Nadler seemingly didn’t care, responding with “so?” during a 2011 interview.

She was also allegedly connected to a spree of armored truck robberies by Weather Underground, a radical left-wing organization that engaged in violent terrorism during the 1980s. Those robberies led to the murders of a security guard and two cops. She was never charged or tried in those incidents, however.

Nadler hypocritically took $1,000 from Rosenberg in June 2021, which was the same month he railed against “far-right extremism” associated with the events of January 6th, 2021.

Nadler has revealed he isn’t concerned about terrorism or extremism, he’s concerned about speech that harms his party’s political agenda. He’ll also take money from violent convicted terrorists while railing against the same thing. Noticing the difference between words and actions of political actors is crucial to understanding modern politics.

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