Mystery Mine EXPLOSION – 32 People Reported Dead!

( – According to South African authorities, a gas explosion in a dormant gold mine has resulted in the presumed death of thirty-one suspected illegal miners, with the incident only recently gaining media attention in late June.

The miners, hailing from Lesotho, are believed to have perished in the explosion that occurred on May 18, as stated in a press release by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy on Friday.

Concerned about their loved ones’ absence since May, the miners’ relatives began reporting them as missing, leading to the revelation of the explosion, as relayed by a spokesperson for Lesotho Prime Minister Sam Matekane, according to the Associated Press.

The defunct mine was purportedly previously owned by Harmony, a gold and copper mining company based in South Africa and recognized as “the largest gold producer by volume in South Africa.” According to AP reports, the mine shaft has remained closed since the 1990s.

In a media statement released on June 22, the DMRE authorities disclosed that they had previously identified high levels of methane gas within the mine shaft, rendering a recovery operation too dangerous and causing a delay in their investigation into the incident.

The DMRE, in their Friday press release, committed to promptly address what they described as “a unique and unusual circumstance.”

They pledged to facilitate the retrieval of all the bodies from the mine shaft, emphasizing their determination to handle the situation with urgency and efficiency.

In a separate incident reported by Reuters, eight suspected illegal miners were discovered deceased on Friday on a roadside in Gauteng Province, South Africa.

Illegal mining activities are rampant in the former gold-mining regions of South Africa, as prospectors venture into sealed and perilous shafts in search of residual deposits.

Tragically, fatal incidents involving these unauthorized miners are prevalent, and in some cases, they remain unreported due to survivors’ fears of being apprehended upon notifying the authorities.

In November, authorities in South Africa made a grim discovery when they found the remains of 21 illegal miners at a mine in Krugersdorp, a town located west of Johannesburg.

It was revealed that these bodies had been deliberately relocated from an abandoned mine to the operational one by other illegal miners, presumably with the intention of drawing attention to the tragic incident.

These illegal miners frequently originate from the neighboring countries of South Africa.

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