Mutiny Is Brewing in the Russian Army

( – A Russian-language Telegram channel is reporting complaints from soldiers on the front lines in Ukraine. Astra is a Russian-language channel that relays anonymous submissions critical of the Russian government. Their anecdotal coverage from soldiers claiming to be in Ukraine suggests a lack of ammunition, clean food and water, and poor command structure.

Without sources willing to go on the record, it’s incredibly difficult to get accurate reports from war zones. The American CIA took to recruiting Russians upset with the war in Ukraine on Telegram back in May, complicating the issue.

Earlier this summer, Yevgeny Prigozhin attempted a coup in Russia with his mercenary army, the Wagner Group. The ‘coup’ ended within 24 hours, and shortly thereafter Prigozhin died in a plane crash. Members of his mercenary army were either drafted into the Russian armed forces or jailed, depending on their level of involvement in the plot.

Russia and Ukraine have been fighting over Avdiivka, a town on the outskirts of Donetsk, the capital city of the newly formed republic by the same name.

Russian and Ukrainian forces have claimed numerous wins for their respective sides. Russia has claimed it destroyed three dozen Ukrainian suicide drones of Iranian manufacture. They also claimed to have killed over 100 Ukrainian soldiers in Yuzhno-Donetsk within the days preceding October 29th.

Russian forces accused Ukraine of intentionally targeting a nuclear waste repository near the Kursk nuclear power plant. They said the drones were shot down before they could reach their targets, but that preliminary investigations suggested the drones were manufactured “by Western countries.”

The war is winding down for the winter as the region becomes bitterly cold, making troop movements and operations difficult and sometimes impossible. The media has described the situation as a stalemate with both sides thoroughly entrenched.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has a manpower problem. The president of Belarus recently pointed out that they may have equipment but no men to use it if they don’t sue for peace immediately.

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