Mother and Infant Denied Boarding to Flight for Pronoun Slip-Up

( – A woman, her 16-month-old baby, and her 75-year-old mother were unable to board a United Airlines flight to Austin, Texas, from San Francisco, California, after the woman misgendered one of the attendants by mistake.

In the video posted on Twitter and Instagram, Jenna Longoria stated she had been trying to get her child’s car seat situated while the baby was crying. She said that while speaking with a flight attendant, she “got their pronouns wrong.” United operations manager Gabriella Chidom then became angered by Longoria misgendering the flight attendant, telling her she could not board the flight because of “what came out of her mouth.”

Despite apologizing to the employees, Longoria stated the three passengers were removed from the plane by a United Airport Operations supervisor who told the family the captain had made the final call for the family not to board the plane. While the three people were removed from the aircraft, their luggage, containing medication for her mother and herself, was not removed.

In the video, Longoria states that the United Airlines staff told her “that it’s a hate crime,” adding she did not know how the family would get home as the staff had mentioned the potential of being banned from flying United Airlines.

After the video went viral on Twitter, United contacted Longoria for her confirmation code so the airline could “take a closer look.”

In a second video posted the following day by Longoria on Twitter and Instagram, she stated that the family had made it safely home. However, the airline did not offer an apology or a refund.

According to United’s Media Relations, Longoria and her family were removed from the flight due to the family having too many carry-ons. However, the statement does not match the statements made by Chidom in the video. Longoria noted that her family had the same number of carry-ons as they did on the flight from Austin to San Francisco.

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