Missouri Governor Sends 200 National Guard to Texas Border

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Missouri Governor Mike Parson (R) announced a new initiative to send members of the Missouri National Guard (MONG) to assist Texas in its efforts to secure the southern border. In a printed release by Parson’s office, he said that he visited the southern border a few weeks back and was astounded at the situation, calling it a crisis.

Parson added that the situation is driving the flood of fentanyl into every state and city, making all states border states. He highlighted that fentanyl was ripping families apart and destroying small communities. He said children are also dying due to the deadly chemical and said the border was effectively “open.”

Parson demanded that Biden and his agencies “stop illegal entry” using the full force of the federal government. He also blamed Biden for the fentanyl crisis and human trafficking that resulted from his administration’s de facto open border policy. Parson said that Biden’s reluctancy to act has driven him to activate the Missouri National Guard and send support to Texas.

Parson signed Executive Order 24-03 which will activate MONG and deploy up to 200 guardsmen to the border on a rotating schedule of no more than 30 days per rotation. The order also deploys up to 22 Missouri State Troopers with additional support from police departments. All the troopers and police are volunteers.

The order also added a $2.3 million supplemental budget request to the Missouri legislature to fund the initiative and backfill a request for emergency funding.

The state troopers will begin to actively support Texas authorities on March 1st while the MONG members are anticipated to begin their mission on March 10th. Missouri and Texas officials are coordinating behind the scenes to make the best use of the manpower and resources.

The governor’s office highlighted that their mission will be to assist in securing the border, abrogating both human trafficking and drug smuggling. They may also aid with the construction of physical barriers, law enforcement activities, or other work as required in support of restoring security along the border.

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