Missing Moms Case Turns to Murder Investigation

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Police are now treating the deaths of two Kansas women as a double murder after two bodies were found in Oklahoma. Investigators have not yet officially identified the bodies, but they are suspected to belong to two mothers, 27-year-old Veronica Butler and 39-year-old Jillian Kelley.

Police found the bodies in rural Texas County in Oklahoma on April 14th. The state’s Bureau of Investigation said the Chief Medical Examiner will be identifying the bodies while trying to determine when and how they died. While the bodies have not been identified, police say they have confirmed both women are dead.

Butler and Kelley went missing at the end of March during a road trip to Oklahoma to pick up Veronica Butler’s children in order to attend a birthday party in Kansas. Family reported the women missing that day, and police quickly found the car they were driving full of blood near the Kansas/Oklahoma border. But the two women were not there.

Just one day before the bodies were discovered, authorities arrested four people believed to be involved in the women’s disappearance. All four have been charged with kidnapping and first-degree murder. They are 54-year-old Tifany Adams and her 43-year-old boyfriend Tad Cullum, and married couple Cora Twombly, 44, and Cole Twombly, 50. The four are part of a group called “God’s Misfits” according to arrest paperwork.

Details so far are sketchy, and the web of relationships between the parties is difficult to follow. The missing women, Kelley and Butler, seem to have socialized and watched each other’s children. Arrest affidavits say Veronica Butler and one child’s grandmother, Tifany Adams, were involved in a custody battle while Adams’ son (the child’s father) was in rehab.

It is also not clear what relationship Cora and Cole Twombly may have had with any of the parties.

Veronica Butler’s family found the abandoned bloody vehicle but, of course, not the women themselves. Veronica Butler was apparently en route to pick up the two children from one of their grandmothers.

Authorities say Tifany Adams bought five stun guns, and that a witness claimed Cora Twombly said she planned to drop an anvil through the windshield of Butler’s car as she drove past.

All four suspects are being held in an Oklahoma jail pending initial court appearances.

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