Minnesota’s Uncommitted Vote Exposes Ongoing Issue for Biden

(TargetDailyNews.com) – President Joe Biden has big problems if he anticipates winning the November general election, including shoring up support from among his own base. A recent initiative spearheaded by Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) in Michigan to encourage Democratic primary voters dissatisfied with Biden’s handling of the Israel-Gaza war to vote “uncommitted” in their primaries is catching on around the country.

Over a hundred thousand voters chose “uncommitted” over Biden in Michigan, a little more than a tenth of the total vote. Minnesota saw nearly 20% of their Democratic primary voters similarly prefer uncommitted. Crucially, these cohorts will send delegates to the national convention representing the uncommitted position, instead of automatically going to Joe Biden.

Democratic strategist Arshad Hashan said that the group voting uncommitted is diverse, though it largely is made up of Arab and Muslim voters, and their allies. The group also represents more radical leftists who generally are opposed to Joe Biden. Hashan suggested uncommitted voters include most of “the activist class” within the party. These individuals are largely seen as vital for encouraging others to vote for Biden.

He indicated that the movement to vote uncommitted is organized and popular, which presents a serious challenge for Biden. He said that Biden needs these people because they would push others on the left to actually go out and vote.

Current polling suggests Biden will need every vote he can muster; he’s currently trailing GOP frontrunner Donald Trump by 5 points according to a recent New York Times/Siena College poll. Battleground states like Michigan and Minnesota are especially necessary for Biden, and so it’ll be important that the Middle East conflict settles down before the November contest.

Asma Mohammed helped organize the effort to get voters to choose uncommitted in Minnesota; she suggested that those people are Biden voters, but only under certain conditions. She also told the media that their campaign only spent $20,000 over eight days to get the message out, and they were aiming for just 5,000 votes. They ended up with over 45,000.

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