Mike Johnson Says His World View Is the Bible

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Louisiana Rep. and brand-new Speaker of the House Mike Johnson began quoting scripture within moments of his October 25th victory. He began with a reference to Romans 13:1 in which he suggested that each member of his chamber had been placed there by the providence of God, which he followed with another statement on the steps of the Capitol citing another passage from Romans.

The apostle Paul tells readers in the book’s fifth chapter that “suffering” begets “perseverance,” that the latter begets “character” and that “character” in turn “produces hope.” Johnson’s use of scripture appears to show that the legislator has a knowledge of the Bible that goes beyond made-for-tv general statements.

In Stanley Kubrick’s Spartacus, Gracchus confides to Caesar that despite not believing in any of the Roman gods, he publicly believes “in them all.” Gracchus was referring to his need to pander to the beliefs of his constituents. While there is little evidence to suggest that Mike Johnson does not legitimately believe in the scripture he professes, his speakership will likely tell voters all they need to know about his apparent faith.

During an October 26th appearance on Fox, Johnson told Sean Hannity that viewers wondering about his worldview need only to “pick up” and read “a Bible.” Mainstream outlets have been uniformly criticizing not just his political leanings, but his religious views as well.

An October 31st piece from CNN ran the gamut against the speaker and cited his opposition to everything from abortion rights to LGBTQ equality to illegal immigration. Three days earlier, Mother Jones ran a piece saying Johnson had once “conducted seminars” that promoted the idea of the United States being “a Christian nation.”

When questioned by Hannity about the crossover between his personal positions and the nation’s laws, Johnson said that he respected legal precedent. As “a Bible-believing Christian,” Johnson said he loves “all people” despite disagreeing with certain “lifestyle choices.”

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