Migrants Complain about Accommodations in NYC

(TargetDailyNews.com) – According to reports, illegal immigrants in the Big Apple are unhappy with their bevy of accommodations, despite the fact that they aren’t paying for them. A November 13th piece from Twitchy compiled social media reactions to the developments, and users appeared to be in near-uniform agreement that the migrants should be “shown the door.”

The outlet’s Amy Curtis has covered the events at length and her latest piece is only one of many. On November 11th, the writer cited a New York Post article that reported only 2% of asylum seekers that had arrived in the city over the previous one and a half years had actually chosen to apply for work permits.

The rest, according to the article, appeared content subsisting on taxpayer-funded handouts. An October 24th report from Curtis referenced a Siena Research poll that said almost 60% of New Yorkers were fed up with what they perceived to be a migrant-led drain on the city’s social service systems.

Her latest piece points to a November 12th report from the New York Daily News that includes videos and photographs of what the outlet says are migrants refusing to be housed at a particular shelter they had been driven to. Jamie Williams, a local assemblywoman, provided the outlet with a video of what appeared to be a number of families getting back on the buses that brought them to the location.

Curtis’ compilation of reactions from Americans contained everything from sarcasm to fury. One user said the migrants should be given bus tickets to another nation.

Another said that “only a 5-star” hotel would suffice. Another posted a rendering of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez crying while dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

According to Gothamist, an outlet local to New York, the city is spending just shy of $400 per day per person to feed and house each of the tens of thousands of illegals that have flowed into the area.

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