Mexican Authorities Help U.S. Capture Bank Robbery Suspect

( – The three American citizens who allegedly entered the United States from Mexico on September 13th and robbed a Nogales, Arizona bank are now facing felony charges, WREG reported.

In a complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Arizona on Wednesday, Stephen Bacon, Francisco Javier Romo, and Mark Smith are accused of participating in the robbery of First Convenience Bank inside a Walmart in Nogales, a border city that is divided between Arizona and Mexico.

According to court documents, the suspects traveled to the Arizona side of Nogales from Mexico approximately 20 minutes before the bank was robbed.

Smith and Bacon were arrested by Nogales police on the day of the robbery after they attempted to flee a traffic stop in a white Nissan Xterra.

Meanwhile, Romo managed to cross back into Mexico after the robbery.

U.S. authorities asked Mexican officials for help in locating Romo who was later detained across the border on the Mexican side of Nogales.

Romo was handed over to U.S. officials on September 15th at the Mariposa port of entry in Nogales.

In his interview with the FBI, Romo claimed that Bacon and Smith convinced him to participate in the robbery. He said they each took half of the cash and dropped him at the Mexican border with the promise that they would meet him in Mexico later, according to court records.

According to the complaint, during the September 13th robbery, Romo approached a teller and placed an empty suitcase on the counter, demanding $45,000 and warning that he would shoot her if she refused.

The teller handed Romo all of the cash in her drawer, which he placed in the suitcase before walking away.

Witnesses told police that Romo left the building and climbed into a white Nissan Xterra.

Surveillance cameras at the Grand Avenue port of entry later captured Roma walking into Mexico ten minutes after the robbery.

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