Men Charged with Exploding Woman’s Home and Planning Python Attack

( – After spying on an unnamed woman in her home for almost a year, two Georgia men have been arrested and charged for their alleged bizarre plan to kill her and her daughter with a bomb and a snake.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Southern District of Georgia, Caleb Kinsey, 34, and Stephen Glosser, 37, stalked the woman’s home electronically for about a year before blowing up her house with a homemade bomb on January 13th, 2023. No one was injured in the blast, but the house can be seen with extensive damage from the explosion.

Apparently, Glosser made contact with the woman initially using an online dating app, but no relationship occurred after the initial contact. Authorities say the men used the internet to determine where the woman lived as they cooked up their gruesome plans.

Unbelievably, the two men planned to release a giant snake inside the house to “eat the victim’s daughter.” It is not clear whether they planned to do this before or after the bombing, and the daughter has likewise not been named.

As if a bombing and the planting of a large python weren’t enough, the men also discussed mailing dead rodents and dog feces to the home and talked in graphic detail about committing other acts of violence against the woman. Glosser and Kinsey bought the explosive material Tannerite online and built a homemade bomb at Glosser’s home that they allegedly used to explode the victim’s house.

The indictment against the men includes a long list of accusations. According to investigators, the men conspired to harass, intimidate, and injure their targets through surveillance, sending arrows into the woman’s front door, killing the woman through violent means, and exploding her home.

Among the charges the men face are stalking, using a bomb to commit a felony, conspiracy to commit a felony with an explosive device, and possessing an “unregistered destructive device.” Kinsey is also charged with lying during a gun purchase and with having a firearm while being a convicted felon.

The two men are in jail awaiting their next court date.

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