Megyn Kelly Wants to Boycott Taylor Swift

( – Some say pop sensation Taylor Swift unites America like no other cultural “product,” but that’s not true for everyone. Former Fox News host and current podcaster Megyn Kelly wants to boycott the Eras songstress over Swift’s attendance at a comedy show that doubled as a fundraiser for Gazans affected by the Hamas-instigated war.

Comedian Ramy Youssef’s current tour called “More Feelings” added a fundraiser for humanitarian relief for residents of Gaza at the Brooklyn Academy show he put on last week. Swift was reportedly in attendance. According to the New York Post, proceeds from the fundraiser were to be sent to a non-government organization called American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA).

Megyn Kelly takes a dim view of that organization, calling it “highly political,” and claiming that it presents a “highly biased view of the Israel-Palestine war.” Kelly says the organization “ignores” any responsibility that Hamas has for provoking the war. She chided pop star Taylor Swift for thinking the group was one that “it might be fun to raise money for.”

Kelly said Swift owes Israelis and American Jews an apology, and said she hopes they will “boycott her events until she issues it.”

Whatever one thinks of Kelly’s reaction, many Americans are frustrated with the political posturing, and sometimes downright lecturing, about political and social topics coming from the mouths of celebrities. It’s common to hear everyday people say, “Shut up and sing,” as most people would like to be entertained without being roped into what they believe is an actor or singer’s personal political crusades.

On the other hand, celebrities often feel caught in a bind. They point out they are just people too, entitled to the same political views and actions that non-famous people have. Major media have recently been nipping at Taylor Swift with articles asking whether she’s “woke” (politically hard-left), or outright accusing her of pandering to “woke” sensibilities.

Given Swift’s astronomical popularity—her Eras tour is the highest-grossing musical tour of all time—Kelly’s hope for a boycott will almost certainly end in disappointment. But the talk show host’s frustration with the nakedly political antics of world-famous performers is shared by an increasing portion of the public across the political spectrum.

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