Meanwhile, in Belarus: Wagner Appers to Be Growing Forces

( – Yevgeny V. Prigozhin, the leader of the Russian mercenary organization Wagner Group, has appeared to have resurfaced in Belarus after he reportedly greeted his fighters who have been deployed there as part of his exile to the country after his failed coup attempt against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A video posted on Telegram shows a man closely resembling Prigozhin addressing the Wagner forces at dusk, saying that he intends to train his forces to become the best army in the world outside Russia.

The news comes as the aftermath of the failed Russian coup against Putin ended in a peace deal brokered by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, a country by and large considered to be a vassal state of Russia. President Putin recently said that Wagner military forces can still continue to fight alongside Russians in its invasion of Ukraine, but without Prigozhin in command.

Putin’s decision to allow Wagner forces to continue fighting also comes as the coup appears to have exposed inner turmoil within the Russian military. Russian General Ivan Popov was recently fired from his post in Ukraine and has publicly denounced his superiors for playing politics instead of acting in the best interests of Russian soldiers and the war effort.

Other senior military officials have also been fired on the spot since the coup, according to an anonymous source within the Russian military that told The New York Times. During a recent interview, Putin discussed a three-hour meeting in the Kremlin with Prigozhin shortly after the attempted coup. The Russian president has long since tried to portray himself as a cool-headed leader who can calmly resolve any crisis. He has since tried to portray the mutiny as a minor internal dispute that will be easily handled. The current turmoil within the Russian military, however, tells a different story.

Some have said that Putin’s control over Russia is weakening, especially since a truce with the Wagner Group had to be brokered by Belarus, a country that was largely considered to be a vassal state of Russia.

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