McCarthy Gives Go-Ahead For Biden Impeachment Inquiry

( – Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy gave the go-ahead on the launch of an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden in the wake of an investigation into his family’s business dealings on Tuesday, September 12th, potentially kicking off a historic battle on Capitol Hill ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

McCarthy said that the House Oversight Committee, now run by House Republicans, has revealed a “culture of corruption” over the course of its investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings. The investigation is the result of Republican-led probes into President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and his various business dealings during the Obama administration when Joe Biden was vice president.

McCarthy said that the investigation thus far has unearthed major questions about abuse of power, obstruction, and corruption, and now warrants the full investigation of the entire House. The news of the impeachment inquiry comes as Biden is facing political pressure to get a spending bill passed through Congress to avoid a government shutdown at the end of September.

The impeachment inquiry also comes as Republicans have faced internal divisions regarding whether impeaching the president is really the right thing to do. Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, now a Republican candidate in the 2024 presidential race, recently stated that he fears congressional Republicans will “cheapen” the impeachment process should they go through with impeaching the president.

Presidential impeachments, though historically rare, have been frequent within the past several years. None have resulted in a conviction or removal from office. Former President Donald Trump is the first president to have been impeached twice. He was impeached for the first time in 2019 by House Democrats. In 2021, he was impeached again for his alleged role in the January 6th Capitol riots.

When a president is impeached, the Senate acts as a grand jury in an impeachment trial and decides whether or not to convict them. The Constitution requires two-thirds, or 67 senators to vote in favor of conviction. If a president is convicted in an impeachment trial, he is removed from office and is prohibited from holding public office in the future.

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