McCarthy Believes Gaetz Should Be Removed

( – Despite former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy being ousted from his leadership position almost six weeks ago, his apparent feud with Rep. Matt Gaetz shows no signs of abetting. The pair continues to trade verbal blows with one another and McCarthy’s latest attack was returned in kind from his Florida colleague.

During an interview with the former House leader, CNN’s Manu Raju asked McCarthy how much the Republican Party would benefit if his ouster were no longer serving in the chamber. The California legislator replied that Gaetz’s removal would have a tremendously beneficial effect on the GOP because he doesn’t carry out his duties as a true conservative.

McCarthy told Raju that Gaetz would personally admit to not having “a conservative bent” to his lawmaking philosophy. When asked if the Republican Conference should vote to expel Gaetz for potential ethics violations, McCarthy declined to give an outright “no,” but he did say that the GOP would never properly heal if there was no action taken.

CNN’s interview with the ex-speaker was published in full on November 12th, but partial excerpts from it were posted to social media on November 9th. That same day, Gaetz responded in a fashion that many would consider to be sarcastic.

In a Twitter posting that featured an accompanying clip from his latest broadcast on Rumble, Gaetz said he was praying for the former speaker while he processed his grief. In the Rumble video, Gaetz read aloud from a transcript of McCarthy’s CNN interview and said the former speaker had described him as having the goal of being “the t.v. congressman.”

The Florida Rep. told viewers that if they were to compare the number of television interviews he has done to the total number given by McCarthy they would find the opposite to be true. He described McCarthy as being “the TV speaker” who operated with an absence of substance.

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