Mass Layoffs Reported at RNC Under New Trump-Backed Leadership

( – The entrance of Trump’s picks to the Republican National Committee coincides with a plan to get rid of at least 60 staffers.

After the resignation of embattled former RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, the organization voted for former president Donald Trump’s choices. Michael Watley is now chairman of the RNC, and Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, has been appointed co-chair.

But with the entrances will come some departures. Chief Operating Officer Sean Caincross stated in a recent memo that the new chairman is assessing the staff structure to make sure the organization is “aligned with his vision” of how Trump can win the presidency in November. As he does this, according to the memo, “certain staff” will be “asked to resign” and apply fresh for other positions. Though worded politely, this seems to indicate the RNC will be firing or laying off these staffers.

All told, about 60 staff are expected to be given their walking papers. The positions to be eliminated will include data analysts, communications positions, and political specialists. The RNC’s new chief of staff Chris LaCivita called the process “Republicans streamlining” to avoid unnecessary job duplication between the RNC and the Trump campaign.

Though no official announcement has been made, Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee. He is leading President Joe Biden in most major polls.

Prominent Trump supporters are pleased with the RNC shake-up. Firebrand Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor-Green posted that “MAGA is now in control” of the party on Twitter, using double exclamation points. Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk also posted on the platform, calling the move “Bloodbath at the RNC”, which he called “excellent.” Kirk then said that what he called “anti-Trump sleeper cells” also need to be swept out the door.

Trump and his camp have been remarking for months that former RNC chair McDaniel needed to go. They see the RNC as over-staffed and too bureaucratic, which they blame for the fact that the Committee had just $8 million on hand at the end of 2023 as compared to the treasury at the Democratic National Committee.

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