Mass Death Imminent in Gaza Due to Catastrophic Food Scarcity

( – The war between Israel and Hamas has already triggered extreme food shortages in Gaza with the Health Ministry recording 27 children and three adults who died from complications related to malnutrition. That number is set to explode according to data from the UN and Integrated Food-Security Phase Classification (IPC) that monitors starvation conditions.

The IPC reported that 70% of the population in northern Gaza was already experiencing the most severe category of food scarcity they have. Twenty percent is the value that the agency uses to determine whether or not a famine is present. This is more than double that value. They expected the death rate from famine to skyrocket at any point now.

The IPC suggested that only a cease-fire and immediate increases in humanitarian aid could prevent the looming catastrophe. They added that the population of Gaza is 1.1 million people with as many as 300,000 at risk of death due to starvation.

EU Foreign Policy chief Josep Borrell told those present in Brussels for a discussion about humanitarian aid in Gaza that famine has arrived and starvation is being used as “a weapon of war” by the Israelis.

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz suggested that Borrell was “attacking Israel” and that their actions were “self-defense.” He added that Israel has already granted “extensive humanitarian aid” to Gaza via land, sea, and air and blamed Hamas for disturbing the deliveries and hijacking the materials for themselves.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that the IPC report was “appalling” and called on Israel to allow immediate unfettered access to all parts of the Gaza Strip.

British foreign minister David Cameron acknowledged the report and added that the current trajectory isn’t sustainable, saying that “urgent action” was now required to avoid a famine.

Israel had previously only allowed the delivery of aid through two checkpoints in the southern part of the territory. They claim they are opening air and sea routes as well as additional land routes. Agencies have suggested that Israel isn’t doing enough.

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