Marjorie Taylor Greene Cut Off by Jim Jordan

( – From footage appearing on social media, it appears House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan gave Republican firebrand Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene the Vaudeville whisk-off.

During a December 13th press conference announcing the House’s vote to open an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, Greene can be seen and heard standing on the side. She said, “I would have liked to have asked Hunter Biden about Mann Act violations, sex trafficking women…”

Jordan cut in, saying, “Thank you all very much, thank you.”

Greene is not easily fazed by getting the stage hook, and she continued the sentence she was speaking, citing her interest in learning whether the President’s son had trafficked women across state lines. She ended with a barb toward Jordan, “You don’t seem to care about that, though.”

The unplanned press conference came after the Republican-controlled House of Representatives approved an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. At issue is whether President Biden was improperly involved in, or benefited from, his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings. Although numerous emails, recorded phone calls, and government witness statements make it appear very likely President Biden was aware of Hunter’s business connections and may have profited financially, the President has been able to escape direct scrutiny on these issues until now.

The Wednesday presser also featured Jordan and Rep. James Comer (Chair of the House Oversight Committee) speaking about Hunter Biden’s defiance of a House subpoena. The House had summoned Hunter Biden to give testimony behind closed doors in connection with the investigation of his father. Hunter Biden refused to comply, then held his own press conference in which he tried to give the impression that he had offered cooperation in a different format, and was being unfairly pursued.

That maneuver may not work, as Comer and Jordan claimed they had discovered checks originating from Hunter Biden’s shell companies that were deposited every month into his father’s bank account. Jordan and Comer told reporters Hunter would receive no special treatment simply because his surname is Biden.

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