Man’s “Date” Ends With Him Getting Car-Jacked

( – An unnamed 35-year-old Florida man will likely be screening his future romantic partners with a bit more scrutiny after his latest date turned out to be part of a criminal trio that had anything but romance on their minds. Police in Titusville said the Orlando man in question had arranged to meet his attempted squeeze on the Tinder competitor app known as Tagged.

According to the police report, the pair of potential lovers agreed to first lay eyes on one another in the parking lot of an apartment complex on the night of September 24th. Once Brionna Eaddy showed up, the 24-year-old hopped in the man’s Mazda CX9 and the duo headed to a public park that was close by.

After they arrived, she and her date found that the park had been shut down for the evening. With nothing else to do, they chose to turn around and head back to the complex where they had first met. Eaddy’s victim told authorities that his date spent the return drive making a full-length phone call and texting excessively.

After they pulled into a parking spot back at the apartment block, the 35-year-old said his vehicle was approached on both the driver’s and passenger’s sides by two different men. According to the victim, one of the individuals brandished a handgun and demanded that the pair exit the vehicle.

The affidavit says that while the victim was struggling to find his keys in a panicked state, Eaddy “calmly” got out of the SUV with no apparent concern and stood behind “the vehicle.” Once he was out of his Mazda, the victim said he was told to lie down in a strip of adjacent grass. Eaddy and her two alleged accomplices then got into the vehicle and drove away, according to what police were told.

Using her Tagged profile, authorities tracked down and arrested Eaddy a short time later. Her accomplices are still being sought.

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