Man Suffers Serious Injuries After ‘Surprise’ Grizzly Bear Encounter

( – An unexpected encounter with a grizzly bear in Wyoming has left a man with serious wounds after the attack on the afternoon of Sunday, May 19th.

The man, whose identity has not been released, was visiting Grand Teton National Park when the mauling occurred. A report came into Teton Interagency Dispatch about the Massachusetts man, and they found him seriously wounded near Signal Mountain Summit Road. A report from the agency said park rangers and rescuers from Teton County Search and Rescue gave the man emergency care at the scene while they waited for a helicopter. The victim was flown to an ambulance which then took him to St. John’s hospital.

Park officials think the bear acted aggressively out of an instinct to protect a cub, so they have decided not to kill or relocate the bear. Rangers say the attack looks like a genuine wild encounter, not the kind that is provoked by human behavior such as leaving food out in campsites.

The hiking man who was mauled was carrying bear spray but never got a chance to use it. During the mauling, though, the bear bit into the canister, covering itself in the irritating repellent. This was extraordinary luck for the injured man, as the bear ran away in distress and pain.

The hiker used the old trick of playing dead, which appears to have contributed to his surviving the attack.

According to the usual protocol, Signal Mountain and the trail leading to its peak were closed after the attack, and there’s no word yet on when it will reopen.

There is no word yet on the man’s condition, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

Whenever humans are injured by rampaging wildlife in national parks, park staff use the incident to remind people to take care and keep their distance from wild animals. People visit the parks in part to see these majestic creatures with their own eyes, but they must remember that they are not tame, and they will attack if they feel threatened.

Park rangers advise visitors to never leave food out in the open and to lock it away before going out for a walk. People should also securely stow “attractants” such as food coolers, pet food, cooking implements, and similar. A bear-resistant locker is recommended.

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