Man Climbs Vegas Sphere and Gets Arrested

( – A Christian man who climbs skyscrapers to raise money for pregnant women in crisis was busted after his latest stunt saw him climb the Las Vegas Sphere on Wednesday, February 7th. Maison Des Champs was arrested by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Wednesday after he scaled the latest addition to Vice City.

In a short video, he said he was engaged in the climb to support “Isabel,” a homeless woman with a crisis pregnancy in need of financial assistance.

Des Champs said that the police made him exit the sphere from the top instead of climbing back down. He was arrested around 11:30 a.m. and police detained his crew briefly. Police closed roads in the area and advised the public to stay clear, according to reporting by ABC affiliate KTNV.

Des Champs refers to himself as the “pro-life Spiderman” and regularly engages in public stunts to support pregnant women who are desperate and considering abortion.

In August 2021, he climbed up the facade of the Aria Hotel to express his dissatisfaction about a mask mandate. He was just 22 years old at the time.

Des Champs has also been arrested in San Francisco for a May 2022 climb up the 51-story Salesforce building.

Des Champs was smacked with conspiracy and destruction of private property charges. He’s being held in the Clark County Detention Center.

Sheriff Kevin McMahill commented on the climber during a public press conference in advance of the Super Bowl which is being held in Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium on Sunday, February 11th.

He said that first responders were handling it, but highlighted the incident by suggesting things like it “are going to happen,” which mandate a response from the authorities to maintain public safety.

Simply called “Sphere,” the structure opened in September last year and is roughly 366 feet tall by 516 feet wide. The exterior is coated with 1.2 million LEDs spaced every 8 inches which allows the generation of images.

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