Man Arrested After Threatening to Kill Vivek Ramaswamy

( – A man from Dover, New Hampshire, was arrested after he responded to a mass text message about an upcoming political event with a threat to kill Vivek Ramaswamy and others present at the gathering. Tyler Anderson, 30, was charged with making threats over digital technology according to the New Hampshire U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Anderson replied to a mass text by the Ramaswamy campaign that was advertising an upcoming event in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The state is an early primary state and a hotbed of Libertarian sentiments which Ramaswamy echoes in his rhetoric.

Anderson allegedly replied to the invitation saying he was looking forward to the opportunity to “blow his brains out,” referencing Ramaswamy. He then went the extra step, saying he intended to “kill everyone who attends.”

You might not be surprised to learn this isn’t the first time Anderson has been in trouble for making threats. Court documents obtained by WMUR stated he threatened another candidate in the past who was not identified. Similar to this latest incident, he responded to a mass text about an event with threatening statements and suggested he was going to cause a mass shooting.

Ramaswamy responded to questions about the threats by saying he was appreciative of the quick response by law enforcement and his team. He said that he felt very secure and he was grateful for the robust team effort from all parties involved in maintaining the safety and security of election candidates.

Saint Anselm College political science Professor Chris Galdieri said threats like these can be incredibly intimidating to candidates. He said that while it’s been a long time since political actors were attacked in public in America, it is a distinct possibility. Robert Kennedy was killed in 1968, and Ronald Reagan was shot in 1981, so these kinds of events can lurk in the back of a candidate’s mind, Galdieri added.

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