Man Appears in Virtual Court while Driving with Suspended License

( – It may be “anecdotal,” but many Americans have noted a degradation of public behavior in recent years from basic everyday etiquette to crimes like shoplifting in broad daylight. Ask a typical motorist, and they’ll probably tell you how often they see other drivers running red lights or going the wrong way up one-way thoroughfares.

But a Michigan man has raised the bar for brazen defiance – or total ignorance – of the law after he was apparently caught on Zoom video driving with a suspended license during a hearing before a judge on May 15th. Forty-four-year-old Corey Harris was virtually attending a hearing in Washtenaw Court for a prior arrest, right from the driver’s seat of his car.

The video clearly shows that Harris was driving while streaming his own court hearing over his phone, a clear violation of Michigan law, which bans driving while using electronic devices. As soon as Harris opened the electronic meeting, Judge J. Cedric Thompson asked him if he was driving.

As nonchalant as can be, Harris instructed the judge to “give me one sec” as he said he was pulling into a doctor’s office parking lot. But he apparently kept driving, and the recording shows Judge Simpson mouthing the word “wow.”

It gets better. Harris was summoned before the court for an earlier charge of driving with a suspended license. This means he attended the virtual hearing while committing another instance of the very crime that brought him to court in the first place.

Judge Simpson said he, the judge, must misunderstand: was this man truly driving without a license during a hearing for a “license-suspended” case?

Defendant Harris may not be the quickest on the draw, but when Judge Simpson made that remark, the light dawned on Harris. Courtroom lawyers told the judge that, yes, Harris did appear to be driving without a license during the hearing.

Nodding his head backward, Harris can be heard saying, “Oh, my God.”

Simpson then administered justice on the spot, saying “the defendant’s bond is revoked in this matter.” The judge ordered Harris to turn himself in to the county jail by 6 pm that night or face arrest (without bond).

Harris’ next court date is on June 5th, but there is no word on whether he will attempt to attend while driving to the courthouse.

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