Man Accused of Attempted Bombing with Device Twice the Size of Boston Marathon Bomb

( – West Yorkshire police in England arrested a man for allegedly preparing a bomb that had double the payload of the one used during the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. Mohammed Farooq, 28, was busted for making threats against the St. James Hospital in Leeds back in January.

Farooq pleaded guilty to possession of explosive substances with intent to use them and possession of documents useful for plotting acts of terrorism. His sentencing has yet to occur.

Sheffield Crown Court officials reviewing his transcript on June 19th shared quotes from the defendant wherein he admitted that a bomb he was working on would have double the destructive power of the same weapon used during the Boston Marathon bombing. He told investigators it would destroy “a room” and would have “been double the size” of the pressure-cooker device used in Boston.

That incident resulted in the deaths of three people and caused injuries to 250 other people with 17 of those losing a limb due to the explosion.

Farooq reported wanting to “scare” his colleagues at the hospital who he claimed were bad-mouthing him and spreading gossip. It seems their appraisals were accurate. He suggested he was enduring a year or more of negative treatment from colleagues and was at his wit’s end.

Farooq also claimed that he wasn’t intent on causing harm to individuals; he just wanted to scare them a little to get some “revenge.” He added that he cares for patients as a part of his job and causing more people harm wasn’t the goal.

Farooq told one of his patients, a man by the name of Nathan Newby, who advised that the plot wasn’t worth the trouble. Farooq suggested Newby “ring the police,” and he did.

Police reported finding gunpowder, nails, knives, and a blank-firing gun at his residence in Leeds, as well as additional bomb ingredients, including fuses.

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