Las Vegas Hotels Fall Victim to Cyberattack

( – Americans were given a taste of what technically-minded criminals are capable of during a recent cyber attack in Sin City. On the anniversary of 9/11, several prominent MGM-owned hotels and casinos in Las Vegas were simultaneously hit with a number of apparent system-wide failures.

An element of secrecy may have been expected from the industry that operates largely on discretion, but once guests were unable to use their key cards to enter their rooms, there was no hiding what had unfolded from the public. Guests at the Bellagio who happened to have access to their rooms reported not even being able to charge their electronic devices.

Reports from Vegas suggest that many thousands of guests were all locked out of their rooms at the same time. MGM Resorts oversees almost 50,000 hotel rooms on the combined properties of the Bellagio, Luxor, Aria, Mandalay Bay, and MGM Grand. A Bellagio concierge is reported to have told a local news outlet that their employer’s entire system was affected, both “internally and externally.”

As the computer attack became evident, Twitter users began posting pictures of inoperable slot machines on the floor of the Aria. Entertainment aside, ATMs also became inaccessible. In response to the merging failures, MGM was forced to shut down its entire network and notify authorities.

The FBI has said only that the investigation is underway. MGM has not announced if customer data or banking records were affected, but there are reports that the attack has spread to their additional casino and hotel properties in Atlantic City and Biloxi. When trying to access the MGM website, one is presented with a message of “currently unavailable.”

In 2019, 142 million guests were reportedly affected in a similar cyber attack against MGM properties worldwide. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and singer Justin Bieber were both reported to be victims of a data breach during the events. The company owns 31 global entertainment destinations.

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