Kremlin Considers Dropping Nukes on American Ships?

( – A Russian pundit on state-owned television recently suggested that the Kremlin might deploy nuclear weapons against American fleets in the Atlantic, while U.S. authorities are suggesting the threat isn’t substantial.

Military analyst Igor Korotchenko told RT audiences that it was his opinion that Russia should destroy all electric power production in Ukraine as a response to the U.S. authorizing Ukraine to use long-range missiles it provided for defensive purposes only.

Korotchenko then brought up Russian naval exercises in the Atlantic and a planned visit to Cuba. He mentioned that the strike group included a nuclear-powered Kazan submarine that could carry nuclear missiles.

Cuban officials reported that the Russian group is expected to stay off the coast of Havana from June 17th through 19th. The strike group was reportedly simulating an attack on an enemy fleet at sea. Cuban officials also reported that the ships were not carrying or armed with nuclear weapons and weren’t considered hostile or threatening to normal traffic in the region. They added that their relationship with Moscow has been friendly, historically speaking.

Korotchenko described the exercises and added that he believed there were additional nuclear-armed submarines in the area or accompanying the fleet unannounced. He also claimed that the purpose of many of these exercises was a direct response to ongoing posturing by Washington. He then added that if such an attack were to occur, they’d use nuclear weapons “for maximum effectiveness.”

Korotchenko used the euphemism “special ordinance” before clarifying what he meant. The host joked that they were speaking with “new terminology” to avoid startling viewers by suggesting Russia was intent on starting a nuclear war.

Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said they’ve been tracking the Russians and don’t anticipate any problems while adding that they are “constantly monitoring” all foreign ships that approach U.S. territorial waters. She added that while they take the Russian presence “seriously” they don’t consider them a threat.

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