Ken Buck Takes Shots at ‘Moscow Marjorie’

( – Just-retired former Colorado Republican House Rep. Ken Buck sounded a bit like Donald Trump when he bestowed a new nickname on his recent colleague: “Moscow Marjorie.”

It’s quite a contrast with former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s description of Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene as a “very serious legislator.” Greene is known for being outspoken and brash, and for threatening to help oust GOP lawmakers from leadership spots when they don’t attend to what she believes are the party’s priorities.

During a March 7th CNN interview with Erin Burnett, Ken Buck had plenty to say about his former colleague. He said Greene’s frequent impeachment threats against President Biden and leaders of federal agencies were “groundless.” Greene is more interested in getting attention on social media, Buck claimed.

Then came the nickname.

“Moscow Marjorie is focused now on this Ukraine issue,” Buck said, accusing Greene of repeating propaganda from the Kremlin in order to stay popular and continue getting wide media exposure.

Buck surprised political observers in March by announcing his retirement from Congress. Greene and Buck tangled last fall about then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy; Greene is allied with him while Buck was a critic. Buck helped oust McCarthy from the Speaker role, a rarity in Congressional politics.

Greene is strongly opposed to the U.S. sending any more cash or military aid to Ukraine as it fights a Russian invasion. True to form, she has threatened political maneuvers to push Speaker Mike Johnson out of the role if he works for any bill on Ukraine aid.

Neither politician had good luck as a member of the House Freedom Caucus. Greene quit the group last year during infighting, and the Caucus voted to oust Buck a few days before he announced his retirement.

Greene seems to have an opinion to rile up just about anyone. In the past, she’s advocated for a “national divorce” to split Republican and Democrat-leaning states apart. To the consternation of her colleagues, she calls the incident at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021 a “little riot.”

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