Kelly and Owens Have Ugly Battle Over College Students and Israel

( – Talk show host Megyn Kelly and Daily Wire anchor Candace Owens exchanged a tense back-and-forth on social media over whether or not it was appropriate to blacklist students who protested in favor of Hamas’ deadly assault on civilians on Saturday, October 7th.

Kelly initially posted on X responding to Republican primary candidate Vivek Ramaswamy who argued that students should not be blacklisted for their protest behavior in college, as college students are young and their views change over time.

Kelly suggested that companies should blacklist any candidate who supports the murder of innocent civilians. Owens called Kelly’s comments “incredibly disingenuous” and argued that “college kids are stupid.” She then cited her own experience of being “radically pro-choice” which she outgrew over time. She also blamed “Hollywood lies” and brainwashing kids receive at government schools.

Kelly replied sarcastically suggesting Owens hire radical students at the Daily Wire. She further suggested liberal views are not equivalent to celebrating the murder of innocent Israeli children. Owens continued to maintain that the possibility of growth for these students is very real and most of the kids involved are not truly hateful, simply misled.

Owens also claimed she “exclusively hired reformed BLM” members for her charity BLEXIT. She said they were her “most dedicated” staff members who took a personal interest in the work due to their history. She said cultural propaganda combined with educational brainwashing was influencing young minds, but that the process was reversible given time and compassion.

Owens further blasted professors and administrators and suggested they were the “root cause” of the problem, but again slammed Kelly for being “entirely disingenuous” in her characterization of the students.

Kelly ultimately responded with sarcasm, “Awesome! Keep it rolling!” she posted. She said she was excited to see how Owens turned around the lives of radical students who endorsed the murder of Jews.

The issue of blacklisting students became very real when Harvard students suddenly scrambled to have their signatures removed from a letter blaming Israel for the attacks after major companies threatened to blacklist them from future employment.

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