Justice Alito Under Fire for Flying Upside-Down Flag at Home

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Samuel Alito, a United States Supreme Court Justice, said he was not responsible for the upside-down American flag flown at his house after the 2020 election. Pictures from January 17th, 2021, showed an upside-down American flag flying outside Justice Alito’s home in Alexandria, VA. The “Stop the Steal” movement suggested that Democratic Party operatives worked to swing the election in Joe Biden’s favor, and the movement used the upside-down American flag as a symbol.

Alito said the flag was hung that way by his wife Mrs. Alito in response to a conflict with a neighbor. The neighbor allegedly had an objectionable sign that said “F— Trump” next to an area where children are picked up by the school bus. Mrs. Alito brought up her concerns with the neighbor and the conflict escalated. The neighbor then placed a sign that mentioned Mrs. Alito and said she was directly involved in the January 6th insurrection.

The neighbor allegedly referred to Mrs. Alito as the “c-word,” which prompted her to hang the flag upside down in response. Alito said some people in the neighborhood are very political and it was a politically charged time in the culture following the events on January 6th. Legal experts said this was a violation of ethics rules and raised questions about potential bias related to presidential election cases.

Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin said the flag symbol on Justice Alito’s home is an obvious conflict of interest. He said the upside-down flag is an understood sign of political distress, which is why Alito felt the need to blame the incident on his wife. Raskin suggested that an ethics panel should convene to ensure that Alito is removed from cases that involve his own political bias.

Several Democratic members of Congress have joined Raskin in denouncing the upside-down flag as proof of bias that should require Alito to recuse himself on cases involving the 2020 election.

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