Judges Fire Back at Warring Litigants

(TargetDailyNews.com) – According to a September 26th article, judges do indeed have the authority to make litigants shut their mouths. Thomas Moukawsher, the story’s author, says that reality extends beyond the walls of a courthouse and well into the public sphere.

The litigation judge appears to say that bickering defendants can have their speech outside the courtroom restricted if it can be proven that what they are saying is factually incorrect. Front and center in the matter are the words of former President Donald Trump, who has been openly critical of both the judges and district attorneys in his various cases.

The number of criticisms leveled against all parties by the ex-Commander-in-Chief is likely hard for most to keep track of simply because of the number of times he has been indicted and the frequency with which he posts his musings to social media. In one instance, Trump took to his Truth Social platform and referred to Judge Tanya Chutkan with words like “biased & unfair.” He also called her “highly partisan.”

Trump’s legal team has made efforts to get Chutkan to recuse herself from the case. One of the reasons they cite is her apparent intense partisanship. The former President’s attorneys have so far been unsuccessful in their attempt to find a different judge and they are also dealing with the possibility of a gag order being imposed on their client.

Jack Smith, the government’s special counsel, has sought to have Trump legally barred from speaking publicly about any aspect of the case. The number of times the ex-President has heaped disdain on Smith is difficult to determine, but in one such instance that many conservatives have said they agree with, he called the attorney “deranged.”

Smith’s gag order request referred to Trump’s frequent “inflammatory” and “intimidating” verbalizations and said the former head-of-state needed to be silenced because his words could damage “potential jurors’” perceptions. Chutkan has yet to impose such an order.

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