Johnson Urges Biden to Deploy National Guard

( – Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) and others visited the embattled Columbia University campus in Manhattan on Wednesday, April 24th. Johnson said that he intended to ask Joe Biden to call in the National Guard to shut down the protests which have occupied campuses across the country with non-students and outside agitators joining in the mix.

Johnson also repeated a call for Columbia President Minouche Shafik to resign in disgrace after failing to get her campus under control. The protests have been demanding an end to the Israel-Hamas conflict, including a cessation of financial support for the Zionist state. Many have highlighted Israeli funding of American researchers producing information that could be used in military applications as an area of concern.

Johnson suggested the protests were “dangerous” and “not the First Amendment” in comments given to the press at the site. Protesters hurled expletives at the Speaker and his GOP entourage. Johnson said the incidents must be “contained quickly” and threats, especially antisemitic threats and language must cease. Many Jewish students have reported feeling unsafe and experiencing harassment on campus.

Columbia has allowed an encampment to spring up in its courtyard. Many noted that the tents were seemingly purchased together, indicating that there’s some organization behind these incidents beyond mere public sentiment.

Johnson said the students should get back to learning valuable skills and information and that they were wasting their tuition with these shenanigans.

Shafik appeared in D.C. earlier in the week testifying before the House. Shortly thereafter she called in police and had roughly 100 protesters arrested. That triggered more events at other campuses across the city and country, including NYU, MIT, and Yale.

Protests in Austin, Texas were shut down by state troopers after Gov. Greg Abbott (R) called them in. Abbott suggested he wouldn’t allow encampments or drawn-out drama on campuses in his state. Critics of the move suggest that the response was overkill, highlighting that they arrested many who were protesting peacefully and not breaking any laws.

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