Johnson May Need Democrats to Pass Urgent Ukraine Aid

( – Democrats aren’t thrilled their $95 billion foreign aid bill isn’t likely to get a hearing before the House due to Speaker Mike Johnson’s preference to bring a compromise bill up which is roughly $30 billion cheaper. Hardline Republican Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-SC) has even threatened to oust the Speaker if he brings any Ukrainian aid for a floor vote.

Conservatives in Congress are fed up with limitless spending on the European conflict. Over $100 billion in American tax dollars and American-purchased equipment have already been tossed into the meat grinder with very little to show for it.

Johnson gave comments to Fox News on Sunday, March 31st, wherein he suggested that the new $66 billion bipartisan package would include “important innovations,” making it more attractive to the caucus. The REPO Act would allow U.S. authorities to seize currently frozen Russian assets held by U.S. institutions and reinvest the monies into Ukrainian aid.

Johnson has also floated the idea of structuring the aid as a loan instead of free money, as well as ending the pause of liquefied natural gas exports. Both aren’t popular with Democrats in the House.

Axios is reporting a source “close to Johnson” who claims that they may parse Ukrainian aid from Israel and Taiwan. The latter two have far more support amongst Republicans. Johnson is refusing to bring the $95 billion Senate-approved package to the floor, irritating the Democrats.

Centrist Democrat Rep. Greg Landsman (OH) said that passing the $95 billion package is the “quickest way” to get the funds dispersed. He pointed out that any new bills or compromises will have to gain approval from the Senate before heading to the President for his signature, delaying the process. The Democratic majority in the Senate could also reject any modified plan.

The House is currently on recess until April 9 and Johnson has suggested that they will vote on Ukrainian aid in some form upon their return in comments given to Fox News.

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