Johnson Faces Backlash from House Freedom Caucus

( – Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is facing criticism from fiscal conservatives within his own party who are challenging the deal he made with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to advance the 2024 budget and keep the government running past January 19th. The deadline for a partial shutdown is looming while Johnson claims his hands are largely tied in the negotiations due to arrangements made before his time.

House Freedom Caucus members were highly critical of the deal, calling it an abject failure and a sham in various comments. The incoming chair of the group, Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) called it a “loss for America.”

Good argued that the GOP should use its power as the majority to force budget cuts and restrain spending by the Biden administration and the Democrats. He also highlighted the southern border crisis, which continues to see thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants coming into the country daily.

Johnson has previously criticized that the Democrats know what they’re doing: importing new voters.

Fiscal conservatives pointed at the “Washington math” used to describe the deal which has variously been described as $1.59 trillion and $1.66 trillion with the larger figure including a non-military side-deal for $69 billion that Biden and Johnson agreed to.

Johnson argued that he secured $16 billion in cuts from pandemic leftovers and IRS supplemental funding, but conservatives criticized that it wasn’t enough of a cut.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) suggested there was a bipartisan “spending epidemic” in the nation’s capital.

Former Trump White House budget manager Russ Voight posted a picture of lettuce on X (Twitter) and suggested it could have secured a better deal.

Johnson suggested it was the best budget deal Republicans have scored in “over a decade” and agreed that there’s room for more cuts in the future.

The two deadlines for government shutdowns are January 19th for many U.S. Departments and then February 2nd for everything else. Those deadlines were arranged in prior budget deals in November.

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