Joe Manchin Wants To Reverse Senate Dress Code

( – After the United States Senate relaxed its dress code to allow Democratic Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman to wear a hooded sweatshirt and basketball shorts, and the uproar that followed, one fellow Democrat is preparing to change the rules. West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin recently proposed reversing the decision made by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, according to a report by The Hill.

Manchin, a rare centrist Democrat, is reportedly circulating a proposal that will reestablish the dress code, requiring elected officials to wear more formal attire when in the chamber. According to a source familiar with the story, the proposed rule reversal will change the dress code back to the way it was before Schumer’s decision last week, requiring men to wear coats and ties or business attire when they are on the Senate floor.

One senator told news outlets that they had already signed the proposal, and with the support of Joe Manchin, it could easily gain sufficient support from both Republicans and a handful of Democrats to pass.

The decision, while aimed at making life easier for Senator Fetterman who made a name for himself by campaigning in slobbish clothes, received criticism from both sides of the aisle. Even Senate Democratic Whip, Senator dick Durbin, spoke out against the rule change and insisted that the Senate should hold itself to higher standards.

During an interview on SiriusXM with Steve Scully, Durbin said that Fetterman is a “personal friend” but that he still believes he should wear more formal attire at work.

“The senator in question from Pennsylvania is a personal friend, but I think we need to have standards when it comes to what we’re wearing on the floor of the Senate, and we’re in the process of discussing that right now as to what those standards will be,” Durbin said, adding that the Senate “needs to act” on the matter.

Fetterman, meanwhile, still says that the Senate has “more important” issues to talk about.

“The Republicans think I’m just going to burst in through the doors and start break dancing on the floor, you know, in shorts, and it wasn’t a big issue,” Fetterman said in response to criticism, ignoring the fact that the concerns are largely about his clothes and not the possibility of him…dancing.

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