It’s Time to Mobilize! How to Garner Support for Your Cause

( – Mobilizing your friends, family, and online pals is one way to be politically active. Whether it’s a local election, or a national public comment period, regardless of the issue, there are some basic steps you can follow to raise awareness and recruit people to your cause.

The amount of effort required is shockingly minimal. With just a few steps, you can influence the political landscape.

The first step is to craft your message. This can be sent over traditional mail, email, or social media depending on your target audience. You also need to include a call to action or a suggestion for your minions to execute, for example, let’s say you want them to call their House Representative in Congress and vote a particular way on a bill. You’ll want to encourage them to call the correct office and make sure you include a reference to the bill in question.

When they call, they’ll leave a brief message with their staff or on their voicemail. This will allow the staff to collect a list of issues that constituents are concerned about and if multiple parties call the same office about the same issue you can bet it’s more likely the politician will hear about it.

Once you have your message crafted you have to think about your target audience. Perhaps you have a social media account where you regularly discuss politics, or perhaps you have all the addresses of neighbors who might be impacted by the issue. Regardless, you’ll want to send your message out to people who would be likely to act on it. There’s no point in sending out a political call to action to individuals who aren’t very interested in the subject, so don’t waste your time.

You can try to add in some fun, making it a challenge. Who can call their Representative the most? You can call once a day for pressing concerns. A political cartoon contest or meme contest is another way to spark interest and keep things light-hearted.

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