Israeli Mother and Daughters Released, Father Still Held Captive by Hamas

( – Family members taken during the October 7th attacks from Kibbutz Nir Oz were released by Hamas on Monday, November 27th. They included Sharon Aloni Cunio, 34, and her twin daughters, Emma and Yuli, both aged 3.

Their father, David, 34, remains captive in Gaza. Sharon’s sister, Danielle Aloni, 44, and her daughter Emilia, 5, were also captured by Hamas at the same time and released in the first wave on November 24th.

Other members of the Aloni family were messaging with those who were taken throughout the morning and up until the moment of their capture by Hamas fighters.

Sharon informed her parents and other extended family that they had taken refuge in the safe room and that there were terrorists on the kibbutz. Then she texted that the terrorists had entered the neighbor’s home, and soon they were in hers. A half-hour later she sent a voice message that their home had been set on fire and smoke was getting into the safe room. That was the last message she sent.

The attack lasted all morning into the early afternoon. At around 1 p.m. the terrorists had left with their hostages and by 3 p.m. the army arrived, according to a report from The Times of Israel. That link also shares messages from many other Kibbutz Nir Oz residents who were communicating about the attacks in real time as they occurred. It relates that a quarter of the 400 or so residents were either killed or taken.

David Cunio’s family searched the home where he lived with his wife and their twin daughters but found it empty. A TikTok video showed them later that afternoon with the two toddlers on a pickup truck with Hamas fighters. Within a week the Aloni family heard from officials that all six were listed as hostages.

Danielle Aloni was one of the women shown in a video Hamas released on October 30th. David Cunio’s brother Ariel Cunio and his girlfriend, Arbel Yehud were also taken along with Arbel’s brother, Dolev Yehud. Only their brother Eitan Cunio escaped capture due to being in another part of the country at the time.

All four of the brothers grew up on the kibbutz.

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