Israeli Intelligence Claims U.N. Workers Aided Hamas

( – Israeli intelligence is accusing at least 12 individuals who worked for a U.N. aid agency for Palestinians of participating in the October 7th surprise attack on Israel. The dossiers obtained by NBC News suggest the accused were involved in a range of activities from providing logistical support to kidnapping victims.

The accused include two school administrators, seven teachers, and a social worker. All of them worked for UNRWA or the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. The agency funds and provides health care, education, and food to a huge chunk of Gaza’s 2 million residents.

A counselor from one of their schools is alleged to have been involved in kidnapping a female during the October 7th attacks. A teacher is alleged to have aided an attack on Re’im which resulted in dozens of dead and many hostages abducted. Another teacher allegedly acquired anti-tank weaponry.

A math teacher allegedly photographed a woman held hostage while another math teacher allegedly invaded Israel on the day of the attack.

The dossier was given to U.S. intelligence officials on January 24th prompting suspension of U.S. payments to the organization. Eight additional countries followed suit, including Germany, Finland, and Great Britain.

UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini speaking to reporters on Friday, January 26th said that he fired multiple individuals and began an investigation into the matter to discover the truth as soon as possible. By Sunday, the U.N. said that of the 12 listed, nine were terminated from employment, two were under review, and one of them was confirmed dead.

U.N. Secretary General António Guterres said that any UNRWA employee who participated in the attacks could face criminal prosecution and other penalties.

Israel has repeatedly accused UNRWA of being a vehicle for Hamas to move weapons or hide their tunnels. Critics have suggested that the claims are fabricated or otherwise misleading and a part of Israel’s strategy of starving Gaza. UNRWA provides food to the region and the longer the conflict continues the more likely starvation and disease become real concerns.

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