Israeli Flight Stormed by Pro-Palestine Protestors

( – No matter what one’s views on the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict are, readers may be curious to know that major search engine algorithms appear to be pushing consumers in a certain direction. Right or wrong, the “fair and balanced” approach to the ongoing war in the Middle East seems to have been sidestepped by some.

Go to any widely-used search engine’s URL bar and type in “pro p.” Compare those results to what is found when one types in “pro i.” Readers will inevitably find “pro palestine protest” in their autofill results, whereas the Jewish or Israeli equivalent will take significantly more effort.

The apparent relevancy of those facts can be found amid a seeming rise in anti-Jewish sentiment both in the United States and abroad. Students of Jewish ancestry at a college in New York were recently forced to lock the doors of their campus library while pro-Palestinian protestors reportedly beat on the surrounding windows and doors.

A video of the incident can be seen here and readers can decide for themselves what was going on. Elsewhere in the world, Russian protestors reportedly flooded a Dagestan airport on October 29th looking for Jews who were on an inbound flight from Tel Aviv.

Reports, many of which include videos, suggested that the facility’s terminals and runways were swarmed by crowds of protestors who were chanting anti-Jewish, anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian Islamic slogans. The crowds were said to be so extensive that authorities opted to close the airport entirely and divert all of its flights until the next day.

The Israeli flight in question was still surrounded by a separate group of protestors once it landed at a secondary airport. In one of the videos from the scene, the plane’s pilot can be heard telling his passengers it would be unsafe to open the doors because of the swarm of people that had gathered around them. Police were eventually able to disperse the mob.

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