Israel Airstrike Lethally Hits Refugee Camp

( – Most would likely agree that it would be a severe understatement to suggest that events in the Middle East are continuing to escalate. In developments that seemed to go largely underreported in Western outlets, the nation of Jordan has recalled its ambassador to the Jewish State.

The move appeared to follow Israel’s officially acknowledged bombing of a sprawling Palestinian refugee encampment on October 31st. Israeli Defense Forces said they were targeting senior members of Hamas, but authorities in Gaza said large numbers of civilians were killed in the series of strikes.

Jabalya, the refugee camp in question, was hit by IDF planes at least six times. Gaza officials said the bombings had resulted in at least 50 civilian deaths, with at least another 150 wounded. The IDF did not deny that civilian casualties had occurred, but were insistent that the strikes had taken out at least 50 Hamas terrorists, one of whom they claimed was a top officer.

Because of their decades-long existence in the region, the area’s refugee camps are not what many in the West might picture. Instead of being composed of tents, they are home to blocks of dilapidated residential buildings. According to the IDF, an entire Hamas battalion had taken up residence in the locations that were bombed.

Pictures and videos from the scene of the strikes show collapsed buildings, cratered courtyard areas, and masses of what appear to be civilians tending to the destruction. At one point, a child covered in dust can be seen being pulled from the rubble, limp and unresponsive; it is unclear if they were alive or dead.

Depending on the source, it is estimated that the war has resulted in somewhere between 8,000 and 9,000 Palestinian deaths. A number of outlets have said that 40% of the dead are children. Excluding IDF combat deaths since the conflict kicked off, around 1,400 Israeli civilians have been killed.

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