Iran Threatens ‘Obliterating’ Attack if Israel Escalates

( – Iranian leadership has issued a stark warning against continued Israeli escalation in its war against Hamas: any expansion of the conflict to include full-scale attacks against Hezbollah in Lebanon would result in an “obliterating war” against the Zionist state. The warning was posted on X by the Iranian Mission to the UN based in New York.

The post qualified Israeli suggestions that they may attack Lebanon as propaganda, but caveated the claim by highlighting that a full-scale military invasion of southern Lebanon would trigger potential reactions by “all Resistance Fronts,” resulting in an “obliterating war.”

The post followed reports that Israel attacked multiple Hezbollah outposts in southern Lebanon. The tit-for-tat followed Hezbollah striking northern Israel hours prior. Tensions along the Lebanese border with Israel have been increasingly violent as Israel continues its unending campaign to eradicate Hamas from Gaza as a response to its terror attack on October 7th last year.

On June 27th, Hezbollah launched rocket strikes against an Israeli military outpost after Israel attacked Nabatieh and Sohmor, a city and town in the south of Lebanon. Earlier in June, Hezbollah launched rockets and other projectiles at Israel which earned Israeli retaliation.

Hezbollah is affiliated with Iran and Hamas and is largely allied in opposition to the existence of the Israeli state. The Lebanese government is unwilling or unable to control the militia which acts primarily within its borders.

The Israeli military previously assassinated a senior Hezbollah commander named Sami Taleb Abdullah which triggered a significant rocket attack against Israel.

American authorities have been encouraging a ceasefire agreement between Hamas and Israel to end the fighting, or at the very least pause it and prevent further escalation and destabilization in the region. Americans have also been advised to avoid traveling to Lebanon due to the increasing instability.

Additionally, Yemeni Houthis have been interrupting shipping traffic through the Red Sea, and despite U.S. strikes, continue to operate with their latest propaganda suggesting an attack on an American aircraft carrier and its strike group in the near future.

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