Iran Admits to Attacks Near U.S. Consulate Resulting in Millionaire Businessman’s Death

( – Four civilians lost their lives in missile strikes aimed at the US consulate in Iraq’s Kurdish region on January 15th, and six more were injured. Now, Iran has claimed responsibility for the bloody attacks.

Among the dead was a local businessman named Pershraw Dizali and his family, according to a spokesman for the Iraqi Kurdistan parliament. In all, 10 missiles landed near the consulate, and at least one hit Dizali’s house. The businessman is described as a multi-millionaire who had a close relationship with high officials in the Kurdish government.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard claims they aimed fire at “spy headquarters” and at “terrorist groups” protesting Iran, located in Kurdistan’s capital city Erbil.

Masrour Barzani, the Iraqi Kurdish Prime Minister, called the attack a “crime against the Kurdish people.” Though the rockets exploded near the U.S. consulate, American officials say there was no damage to U.S. buildings, and no Americans were harmed.

According to Reuters, Iranian security personnel said other missiles exploded the home of a Kurdish intelligence official and a Kurdish intelligence center.

Reporting on the strike across media relies heavily on unnamed sources allegedly placed high in U.S. and Iraqi government offices. One U.S. source speaking anonymously apparently told the Associated Press that the U.S. was aware of the missiles and was following their trajectories, which the source called “reckless and imprecise.”

The Iranian government also claimed it struck the home base of Israel’s intelligence agency. Referring to what it called the “recent atrocities of the Zionist regime”—doubtless a reference to Israel’s war on Hamas in response to the terrorist group’s October 7th attack—the Revolutionary Guard seemed to brag about destroying Israel’s intelligence facilities in the Kurdistan region.

In a separate attack that occurred at about the same time as the one aimed at Kurdistan, Iran claims to have taken out “terrorist operations” in Syria by destroying them with “a number of ballistic missiles.”

The Revolutionary Guard said it will not stop until it has avenged “the last drops of martyrs’ blood.”

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