Intelligence Agencies Seek Deep Ties With Private Companies

( – According to a new National Intelligence Strategy released last week, the U.S. intelligence community is seeking to expand cooperation with NGOs and private companies to combat the rising threats targeting individuals and infrastructure, The Daily Caller reported.

In the strategy, the Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines is calling on U.S. intelligence agencies to work with U.S. allies and private sector partners to pursue a unified response to global threats through information-sharing.

According to Director Haines, private-sector entities can “create influence, compete for information, and secure or deny political and security outcomes,” providing “opportunities” for both partnerships and challenges to U.S. interests.

Haines explained that “shared global challenges,” like “human and health security” and climate change, have converged to “produce significant consequences” that may be “difficult to predict.”

According to the intelligence strategy, expanding cooperation between U.S. allies, partners, and NGOs will allow for a “common understanding” of the risks “and how to address them.”

The last national intelligence strategy was released in 2019. It is developed with input from all 18 U.S. intelligence agencies and is designed to help direct the intelligence community’s operations to provide early warning and allow for informed decision-making.

The private sector, academia, NGOs, and other “non-state and sub-national actors” must be informed by the intelligence community, particularly if they are involved in operating critical infrastructure that is vulnerable to cyberattacks.

According to the latest strategy, the intelligence community has to rethink its approach to the exchange of insights and information in defense of U.S. interests.

To respond to cyberattacks, the strategy calls for strengthening barriers to prevent cyber intrusion while increasing counterintelligence.

The intelligence community will continue using “big data” that is available on the open market, according to the strategy.

Additionally, the intelligence community will direct its authority and capability to “strengthen our democratic foundations and principles while countering “autocratic competitors.”

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